#BlackLivesMatter Say No to Democrats, Echo Malcolm X

In a statement issued last Sunday, the Black Lives Matter Network claimed to abide by no ties with the Democratic National Committee. According to the group, “The Democratic Party, like the Republican and all political parties, have historically attempted to control or contain Black people’s efforts to liberate ourselves.”

The statement followed DNC’s decision to pass a resolution asserting its support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. But according to Black Lives Matter’s statement, the movement does not want to be represented by the Democrats:

“True change requires real struggle, and that struggle will be in the streets and led by the people, not by a political party.”

To the group, DNC’s resolution is nothing but an action carried out by a “self-interested … political machine,” since they fail to “bring the changes we seek.”

“Resolutions without concrete change are just business as usual. Promises are not policies. We demand freedom for Black bodies, justice for Black lives, safety for Black communities, and rights for Black people. We demand action, not words, from those who purport to stand with us.”

It’s difficult to go over Black Lives Matter Network’s comments and not remember Malcolm X’s remarkable commitment to liberty.

He wasn’t just a gun rights champion, he was also well aware of what the enemy of freedom is.

From Nick Hankoff’s article on the American Muslim minister:

“In ‘getting to the nitty gritty,’ Malcolm X cautions his audience not to fall prey to Left vs. Right politics. He says, ‘Don’t blame a cracker in Georgia for your injustices. The government is responsible for the injustices.’”


This article was originally published here.



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