Brazilian Officer Accused of Ordering Rape, Murder

In Brazil, a group rape sparked a fierce national debate about age of responsibility. But as the investigation into the crime advances, new revelations point to an even bigger problem.

The death of one of the main suspects in the rape case and his alleged relationship with a local police officer were recently brought to light by defense attorneys. Now the motives behind the crime are being questioned.

After the four underage suspects were arrested and placed under the care of the state at Piauí’s Male Educational Center, one of the suspected rapists and murderers was found dead in the cell he shared with the other three. The 17-year-old Gleison Vieira suffered life-threatening head trauma, which reportedly stemmed from a physical assault. No weapons were found at the scene, but an investigation tied the three other suspects to the death.

While at least one adult was known to be part of the group of men who kidnapped, raped, and attempted to murder the four victims, a second adult is being accused of being involved. As reporters dig up available information on the case, we now know that Antônio Elias Mota Júnior, a military police officer, is being investigated due to his alleged involvement.

According to the general deputy commander of the military police, Colonel Lindomar Castilho, the officer is being accused of persuading the now dead 17-year-old Vieira to commit the group rape crime in exchange for BR$2,000. The officer named in this investigation was allegedly named in previous criminal complaints.

To read the entire article, click here.


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