Brazil Police Investigated Over Shooting Spree That Killed 20

On Thursday, masked men drove in two cars by eight spots in the suburban area of São Paulo, Brazil killing about 20 people and injuring another 30.

Official reports first claimed that 17 people had been killed, but other publications claim the death count is actually higher.

One of the attacks in which the greater number of people died happened at a bar in the region of Osasco in São Paulo. Masked men reportedly exited the two vehicles and as they approached the bar, bar goers were asked whether they had been arrested in the past. Witnesses claim the masked men started shooting shortly after.

One witness claims several individuals took part in the slaughter. Some were afraid masked men were going to bomb the bar, but there were no reports of bomb attacks.

Local TV and radio stations received phone calls urging the media to alert the community to stay home and lock their doors. The local TV station also received threats. One of the recordings revealed a voice claiming that “there will be war beginning tonight at 11 pm.”

Read the entire article here.


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