School district votes to appeal court decision upholding parent trigger law on taxpayer dime

It appears the Anaheim City School District is done licking their wounds after receiving a humbling blow by a judge who ruled in favor of parents seeking to use the state’s parent trigger law. The ACSD school board has voted an unequivocal 5-0 to appeal the court’s decision. The press was not alerted.

It was on July 16 that Orange County Superior Court Judge Andrew Banks’ ruled in favor of a parent’s right to pull the parent trigger on the under-performing Palm Lane Elementary through the state’s Parent Empowerment Act in Ochoa vs. Anaheim City School District. Banks claimed the school district’s actions were “procedurally unfair, unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious.”

Anaheim resident Walt Rountree, who keeps up with the school board meetings, was the one who alerted Watchdog Arena about the board’s plan to appeal Banks’ ruling. Watchdog Arena promptly reached out to the school district for comment on July 24. ACSD Superintendent Linda Wagner wasn’t readily available due to international travel. It wasn’t until ten days after Watchdog Arena contacted her office that we finally received a reply. Questions regarding the board’s decision to allocate more taxpayer money to cover attorney fees during the appeal process were never addressed. Instead, a press release was sent our way.

To read more, click here.


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