Judge honors parents’ right to ‘pull the trigger’ on failing school

Parents up and down the state of California should feel more empowered to ‘pull the trigger’ on their child’s educational future with a recent court decision striking down the Anaheim City School District’s attempt to ignore the state’s parent trigger law.

In early 2010, California’s Parent Empowerment Act was signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, crowning California as the first state to implement a parent trigger law. Since then, parents have been legally capable of changing the administration of a local under-performing public school, with the option to convert the school into an independent charter school. When the parents of Anaheim’s Palm Lane Elementary tried to trigger this change, their petitions were rejected, based on what the school board called a lack of signatures and detailed information on how parents would conduct the transformation.

Undeterred, Palm Lane parents fought back and took the case to the Orange County Superior Court in hopes that the court would overturn ACSD’s rejection.

In response to the challenge, ACSD dispatched several lawyers to court—all paid by taxpayers. The board’s effort, however, was fruitless.

Read more here.


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