Why Do Rubio, Graham & Hillary Always Put Foreign Nations First?

Sens. Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have a lot in common.

It has been increasingly clear that both U.S. Senators and Mrs. Clinton have, in the past, shown a natural inclination toward responding to foreign government’s troubles in a very un-American manner.

Instead of putting American interests first by conserving the country’s resources, and protecting its territory by not inciting more trouble in foreign lands, these three prominent politicos have repeatedly put other countries’ interests first.

Data on their financial ties with foreign governments and their lobbyists provided by Open Secrets may now prove their inclination may have been steered by cash.

According to the report, campaign funds and several contacts from foreign governments have been linked to Graham’s, Rubio’s, and Clinton’s support for certain foreign policies that benefitted foreign nations directly.

Read more here.


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